Pre-Filter Big Blue

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Big Blue is a mechanical filter placed on the main water pipe in the building, or as a prefilter for RO devices, softeners and UV lamps. It prevents mechanical impurities from entering into the object / system, depending on the throughput bandwidth. The housing is specially designed for large capacity – a whole house or industrial facility. Delivered in 10 “and 20” dimensions, with a resolution of 1 to 50 microns.

Depending on the Big Blue (BB) filter, it removes chlorine and other chemical elements, smells and particles, making the water cleaner and safer for use. It also protects devices, appliances and installations.

It is installed on the main water intake facilities and has a capacity for filtering 10,000 to 100,000 gallons of water.

Due to the large filter surface of the cartridges, as per the dimensions of the case itself, due to its relatively large current there is a possibility of connecting 2 or more casing in a series so as to form a unique system designed to solve complex problems.

For example, in the first case one should set a 20 micron filter sediment, a carbon filter or a lime scale filter as the second stage of filtration, then a sediment cartridge of 5 microns as the third stage of filtration.

Big Blue filters can be used within the filtering plant as the first or second phase of water treatment. Most commonly used: a self-contained mechanical filter for the entire house, as a pre-filter for softening water or part of a reverse osmosis pre-treatment. Characteristics:

    • Manufactured in the EU with high preforms components
    • Hand-made and factory-tested
    • Easy to connect to cold water
    • Easy to install, no power, no discharge required
    • Large housing capacity for high flow
    • Packaging equipment: bracket, key and pressure gauge
    • Competitive price
    • Housing: polypropylene
    • Lead (cover): polypropylene
    • Thread: Grinder 1 ” BSP
    • Seal: NBR
    • Safety valve: brass
    • Operating pressure: 6 bars (90 psi)
    • Min working temperature: 2oC
    • Working temperature: 45 ° C