Nobel Office Keep clean water wherever you want (The device does not require a water connection)



Have clean water wherever you want with the modern Nobel Office dispenser!

Introducing an ultra-modern water filtration system in the form of a small water dispenser. This handy solution will give you the perfect clean water wherever you want – even in rooms without water. Our dispenser will be great not only in the kitchen or rooms, but also in the offices and many other representative places.

Extremely easy installation – put your device anywhere, turn on the power – and it’s ready!

The unit does not require a water or sewer connection.

Perfectly clean water is provided by a built-in reverse osmosis system with a production capacity of up to 200 liters per day. Rapid water production thanks to a booster pump. Possibility of using four temperature settings.

The device does not require a water connection – simply pour tap water into the tank and the built-in water filter system does the rest. The filters inside the device clean the water of mechanical impurities, chlorine and other chemical compounds, heavy metals, as well as viruses and bacteria. The osmotic membrane provides perfectly clean water, with an additional antibacterial cartridge installed inside the system – so no water quality concerns.

The built-in pump increases the pressure and goes through the osmotic membrane many times – thanks to this the manifold is much more economical than any other reverse osmosis water filtration system. The device controls the water quality itself and provides information on the need for replacement. In addition, the control panel displays information on the water quality of the tank and the quality of the treated water (TDS measurement of inlet and treated water). You will also find information on the consumption of filter cartridges on the control panel, and with one touch you will select the temperature and amount of water extracted.

Four water temperatures:

  1. Water at room temperature – for direct consumption
  2. Water at 50 ° C
  3. Water at 85 ° C – boiling white and green tea
  4. Water at 95 ° C – brewing black tea, coffee

Choose the amount of water to drink:

  1. Continuous consumption
  2. 240 ml
  3. 350 ml
  4. 500 ml

Each of the above options can be changed or stopped at any time.

Water filtration stages:

The unit is equipped with four stages of water treatment:

  1. Stainless steel filter to remove mechanical impurities (not to be replaced)
  2. Sediment filter-carbon 1 micron – precise removal of mechanical and chemical impurities
  3. 50 GPD osmotic membranes – excellent water filtration (0.0001 microns)
  4. Antibacterial Carbon Filter – Improves the taste of water

Technical data:

Dimensions: height 388 mm, width 183 mm, depth 440 mm

Net weight: 7 kg

Touch screen

Four setpoints: 25 ° C, 50 ° C, 85 ° C, 95 ° C

5 liter water tank

Clean water tank: 1.5 liters

Power supply: 220-230V 50 Hz

Power Consumption: 2300W

Average power consumption: 0.1 kW / 24h

Hot water capacity: 27 l / h (~ 90 ° C)