Osmofarm: A Perfect Solution for Water Preparation in Dentistry

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The development of technology in dentistry and laboratories also revealed the need for high quality water that does not contain anything but clean water. If you need osmosis or demineralized water to maintain the highest quality in the performance of your business, Adepto Company d.o.o. offers perfect and simple solutions.

One such solution, especially in dental practice is a highly sophisticated OSMOFARM 300 device.

The dental unit requires microbiologically pure and salt-free water to avoid lime accumulation of the dental unit parts (solenoid valves, dials, syringes, turbines and micromotors).

Furthermore, water with these characteristics allows a drastic removal of biofilm within the dental unit’s water pipe, which represents the best prevention for the most endangering bacteria compared to ordinary disinfectants. Finally, we must not forget that water from dental units is dispersed in the working environment of the office, thus increasing the bacterial contamination.

About OSMOFARM 300:

A highly sophisticated water treatment and disinfection device, which includes among other things an ozone generator is intended for dental offices. It creates an obstacle in the dental unit lubrication, which allows the removal of bacteria.

It supplies 10 dental units of any brand.

It supplies up to 3 class B autoclaves.

It supplies the washbasin in the sterilization room.

It removes technical failure of equipment sensitive to the accumulation of lime.

It feeds flow of water that does not contain organic and bacterial ingredients, thus eliminating the molecular film.

Allows you to charge ultrasonic wash basins with microclimate clean water for istruments washing.

It allows you to have perfectly clean instruments with no deposits.

The equipment we offer has a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy and as such meets all European standards in medical institutions.