RO Cristalle Redox Premium Alkaline Ionized Water



The device produces two types of water: perfectly pure osmotic water and ionized water.

Feel the instant difference in water quality and choose the best!

Cristalle Redox is your best choice if you are looking for the perfect water filtration system.

Now you can enjoy the best filtration method with full water quality guarantee. The device produces two types of water with outstanding health benefits.

Perfectly pure osmotic water:

Osmosis is a natural process that occurs in every living organism. Each cell is surrounded by a special membrane, through which only the best and most essential pass through. By drinking osmotic water you support your body’s work and give it the best!

Ultra pure osmotic water is produced by a special semi-permeable membrane that separates all impurities from the water. Impurities are channeled to the sewer system, while clean water is intended for consumption. This filtration method is one of the most popular and effective in the world. It is estimated that over 300 million people worldwide use water filtered by this method.

Redox Alkaline Ionized Water:

It is water with the highest quality, ionizing and mineralizing properties. It has a negative redox potential that makes it a powerful antioxidant.

Drinking alkaline water is the most important thing you can do for your health and well-being. Such water is a powerful antioxidant, which provides the body with huge amounts of oxygen and thus a lot of energy. Alkaline water with an optimal pH level and a low (negative) ORP level will cure most diseases that result from poor nutrition and other health problems in the body – including those diseases that are classified as ‘lifelong’ by medicine. Alkaline water neutralizes acids throughout the body. Because our bodies are very acidic and we supply acidic products daily, which are found in processed foods (and even in vegetables and fruits produced on the basis of fertilizers) – we need some kind of equivalent – something that will restore the acid-alkaline balance of our body. Acids are the basis of all diseases, so there is no therapy that is more reasonable than neutralizing these acids. However, health is nothing more than a state of balance (homeostasis). Emotional balance is responsible for our mental health, and acid-base balance is responsible for the proper functioning of the whole organism and, interestingly, it also has a significant effect on the brain and our emotions. Health care has never been so easy – think: today you are the water you drank yesterday. Your brain, heart and all organs – all of you – average 75% of the water you drink every day!

We use patented technology from Korean company Biocera to get this unique water.

Compact design:

Thanks to its compact body, the device is not only easy to install but also to use everyday. All components are hidden in the aesthetic interior, and filter cartridges are very easily accessible after removing the side panel. This solution makes the device always clean, and there are no cables and wires in the cabinet under the sink.


Easy replacement of the container only twice a year. This model uses Q-type cartridges, which means they have built-in quick connectors for easy replacement. No need to use gaskets, Teflon tapes, etc.


The set features the best double taps on the market made of stainless steel. A professional product that will look great in your kitchen! Filtered water faucet is one of the most sensitive products – it is used many times every day. The set features a stainless steel faucet with ceramic valves – this guarantees not only the high aesthetics and quality of the product, but also the purity of the pouring water.

Dimension of tap: Height: 27 cm. You can also choose from the chrome spout, model GW-W2-01-CH: Spout dimension: height: 30 cm.

Overall security:

The device has an anti-flood sensor that activates when water appears outside the filter system. The sensor immediately cuts off the water supply to the filtration system so that the kitchen cabinet cannot flood.

Important: The Nobel Water Systems water treatment systems are the only ones on the market equipped with a pollution prevention valve that prevents the return flow of contaminated water from the sewer system. So you can be sure that your water filtration system will be completely safe even when there is a blockage or failure of the water supply – the dirty water along with the bacteria cannot be returned to the filtration system.

Filter Cartridge Replacement Reminder:

You will receive a small smart sticker in the set that can be placed anywhere – after activating the fluid contained in it, it counts down the time to replace the cartridges in a timely manner after 6 months of operation.

Filter System:

A device based on modern line inserts. Five stages of water filtration:

  1. Pre-filter – 5 microns GW-PS5-L25-Q
  2. GW-GAC-L25-Q High Performance Activated Carbon Cartridge
  3. Refining Cartridge – 1 micron GW-PS1-L25-Q
  4. Osmotic membrane
  5. Biocera – an antioxidant alkaline cartridge

Advantages of Cristalle:

The absolute highest quality of water

The compact housing is suitable for installation and use

Low operating costs

Operating without sound

Aesthetic faucet with ceramic clean water valves

Unique design

Ventilated housing (without dew on wire)

High efficiency – up to 380 liters per day

Secure connections using next-generation quick couplers

Technical specifications:

Dimensions of the device: Height: 39 cm width: 23 cm length: 46 cm

Minimum inlet water temperature: 5 ° C

Maximum water temperature: 40 ° C

Minimum pressure: 2.8 bar

Maximum pressure: 6.0 bar

Capacity: up to 380 liters per day (depending on water quality)

Membrane: 100 GPD.

Water tank: integrated within the system, with a total capacity of 2.4 liters

Water connection: 1/2 “or 3/8”

The unit does not require power

The unit requires connection to a sewer system – a quick mounting clamp is included in the kit.

Installation of the appliance does not require modification of the water supply or sewerage system in the kitchen.