Water Softener for Industry – AQUASOFT WS1 TWIN


Duplex softener models are neede in places where softened water is required 24 hours a day in the process, without interruption. These are actually two devices connected in parallel, one of which is in operation while the other one is regenerating. When the workpiece is saturated, the automation switches to the work phase to another already regenerated device.

With this arrangement, one device is always ready for operation.

For duplex models, the devices are interconnected so that only input and output jacks are required for installation.

Duplex models are classified as the most reliable water softener. They are adjusted according to the requirement, which depends on the hardness of the water at the site, the required flow rate, the selection of adequate cycle capacity, the intended use of the softened water, the installation position, etc.

Duplex models can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it is home water softening or industrial chemical water treatment.

They are installed on the main inlet pipe and have a fully automatic mode.

Basic features of Aquasoft softener:

All softener components are of European and American origin, CE and NSF certified,

Lewatit ionic mass, nutritional quality,

Top world class in economy of salt, energy and water consumption,

Output water hardness <0.1 ˚dH

Automatic operation, electronic, programmable

Volume management

Operating temperature 4 – 43˚C

Flows from 1 – 20 m3 / h