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Premium eVOLUTION Softener systems with WiFi Control


Advantages of using the eVOLUTION softener:

SAVINGS – eVOLUTION softeners are the most economical devices on the market – they consume on average 75% less consumables than competing softeners,

SAFETY – in the event of a malfunction, the device will send you an SMS or e-mail notification, which can protect you from e.g. floods of the house,

COMFORT – Built-in infrared sensor automatically measures the level of salt in the tank. Your device notifies you in advance by SMS or e-mail of the low salt level in the tank and the need for replenishment. A great relief in replenishing the salt is the built-in lighting in the tank. The hinged brake cover in the Boost and 500 Power models further enhance the comfort of use,

EFFICIENCY – the addition of rinsed quartz gravel increases the efficiency of the device by increasing the surface area of ​​the first water contact with the source, and the use of an innovative control head ensures optimum water pressure,

DURABILITY – Durable high quality materials and patented technologies are hallmarks of the EcoWater brand. In eVOLUTION we have taken care of every detail, e.g. the top cover of the device, most exposed to damage mechanics, is made of ABS used to produce car bumpers.

Benefits of using soft water:

Lower costs and time savings:

up to 20% less energy loss (protect heaters and installations from limescale that limits device productivity),

up to 60% less detergents for washing, storing and cleaning,

less frequent repairs and changes to household appliances (protect limescale heaters),

less impurities and soap deposits,

shiny, thoroughly washed utensils and cutlery without stripes.

Comfort and health protection:

skin protection against irritation,

shiny and soft hair,

preserving the intense colors and softness of the clothes in the wash.

Enjoy soft water throughout the house:

place the softener on the main cold water outlet so that you can access soft water in any room in the house,

intuitive handling and minimal user interference,

remote control from anywhere, also outside the home.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (unit): 114 cm x 35.5 cm x 51 cm

Height to valve inlet / outlet: 97 cm

Valve inlet / outlet distance: 9.5 cm

Height to cover of device: 87 cm

Control panel specifications and features

Valve: 1 ″ SDV

Algorithm: New Formulas 1

Electricity supply: Transformer 240 volts (AC) up to 28 volts, 50 Hz (AC)

PWA system: Attached to the box

Salt Cover: A hinge that slows down closure

Automatic detection of salt levels: ✓

Tank light: ✓

Wi-Fi connectivity: ✓

Adjusting the duration of the backwash and fast rinse: ✓

Adjusting the longest spacing between regenerations in the absence of water intake: ✓

Ability to change time display to 12-hour or 24-hour: ✓

Setting automatic tuning to regeneration if the resin’s ability to exchange ions is consumed at 97%: ✓

A saving mode of regeneration: ✓

Mass washing function in case of increased saturation: ✓

Information on the remaining ion exchange capacity: ✓

Show time until the end of regeneration: ✓

Flowmeter for treated water: ✓

Information on daily water consumption: ✓

Information on average daily water consumption: ✓

Adjusting the quantity unit (liters or gallons): ✓

Additional control panel output: ✓

Salt level indicator: ✓

Low salt alarm: ✓

Setting the menu language: ✓

Adjusting weight units (pounds or kilograms): ✓

Adjusting hardness units (granules or parts per million): ✓

Information on the amount of treated water ready for use: ✓

Inspection reminder: ✓

Backlit Display: ✓


Water Softener for Industry – AQUASOFT WS1 TWIN

Duplex softener models are neede in places where softened water is required 24 hours a day in the process, without interruption. These are actually two devices connected in parallel, one of which is in operation while the other one is regenerating. When the workpiece is saturated, the automation switches to the work phase to another already regenerated device.

With this arrangement, one device is always ready for operation.

For duplex models, the devices are interconnected so that only input and output jacks are required for installation.

Duplex models are classified as the most reliable water softener. They are adjusted according to the requirement, which depends on the hardness of the water at the site, the required flow rate, the selection of adequate cycle capacity, the intended use of the softened water, the installation position, etc.

Duplex models can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it is home water softening or industrial chemical water treatment.

They are installed on the main inlet pipe and have a fully automatic mode.

Basic features of Aquasoft softener:

All softener components are of European and American origin, CE and NSF certified,

Lewatit ionic mass, nutritional quality,

Top world class in economy of salt, energy and water consumption,

Output water hardness <0.1 ˚dH

Automatic operation, electronic, programmable

Volume management

Operating temperature 4 – 43˚C

Flows from 1 – 20 m3 / h

Water Softener: The Benefits of Softened Water are Concrete and Immediately Visible

The Cabinet is a kind of softener for home softening needs, as well as for the needs of smaller commercial or industrial systems that require water to be softened. The device is compact because the softener itself is placed in a container that simultaneously serves as a tableting salt reservoir for regeneration, which significantly reduces the space it occupies. Work and regeneration of the softener are fully automated under the control of the automatic control valve. Regeneration can be programmed in time or volume after softening of certain amount of water. The choice of regeneration mode is done after knowing the circumstances in which the softener will work and the input of the hard water. Maintenance is minimized and it is related to control of tableted salt amount with occasional salt addition.


    • Electronic processor
    • Fully automated regeneration process
    • 8 regeneration phases
    • salt container inside the casing
    • Time and volume version
    • An effective ionic resin
    • Hardness of softened water <0.2dH

Installation Requirements: Minimum 2 bars pressure, max pressure 6.00 bars (If the pressure is higher, install a reduction valve);

Connector: ¾ “INPUT / OUTPUT;

Water softener or Ionic exchanger is a device that allows water softening in the Ionian process. The softener can be a casing filled with resin. Water simply flows through the resin and softens it.\r\n\r\nSoftened water is a product that is produced by so-called Ionian change.


    • In the catering industry no need to wipe glasses after drying because there is no limescale.
    • In the bakeries there is no limescale on the tubes (tubes around the heaters with small holes spraying the heater and creating a steam that gives the required humidity to the dough), otherwise the production must be stopped from time to time and the tubes should be cleaned with chemical means.
    • In boiler rooms there is no accumulation of limescale on heaters and heat exchangers, which necessarily leads to an increase in energy consumption, as the heater is coated with a limescale.
    • In hotels that have their own laundry much less detergent is used for a better washing effect.
    • Less detergent is used in the car wash, and the vehicles do not have to be wiped with a jelly cloth because stains do not remain.
    • In households and all facilities with boilers, dishwashers, laundry machines the lifespan of all appliances that are in contact with water is extended. We need less time and products for cleaning.
    • Hospitals reduce energy costs and avoid problems with the maintenance of appliances and medical equipment. This list can be extended with many other dedicated industries (laboratories, glass manufacturing, beer and juice production, CD production, plastics, wellness centers …). There is almost no area where the advantages of softened water are not necessary.

When water passes through the resin in the softener it starts the process of Ionic change whereby ionic calcium changes with sodium ions, which does not damage the installations and the human body. The mass automatically regenerates after saturation every couple of days, and then the accumulated limescale passes into the sewer or other predetermined drainage. Regular maintenance is, in most cases, not necessary as the devices are automated, only addition of tableted salt is a mandatory . Salt consumption depends on water consumption and inlet water hardness, but this cost is relative to the benefits it brings. It is not a regular salt but a tableted salt with a purity of 99.99%. It is packed in bags of 25 kg. In case of a request or need for regular or periodic service, the Adepto Company Service is available for a short period of time throughout BiH. Adepto Company is also the importer of the highest quality salt with hardness and quality certificates.

Tableted salt

For the regeneration of resin, especially those for neutral exchange it is used is used in the form of tablet the tableted salt i.e. very pure industrially processed sodium chloride. Water softeners work on the principle of ion exchange-process in which hard water flows through the filling of ionic mass (resin) where starts the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions (which cause water hardness) from the raw water, with sodium ions from the salt solution in the softener which is saturated with it. After a certain flow of water, the resins lose their softening capacity. A solution of tableted salt (NaCl) is used for the regeneration of the spent ion mass that is  automatically withdrawn from the preparatory tank.

Adepto Company offers tableted salt of high quality in a 25 kg package.