GEO3: Device That Uses Ozone to Disinfect Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Water …

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Ozone (O3 symbol) is an allotropic oxygen form. Its molecules form three oxygen atoms. It has a characteristic sharp scent, similar to one during the summer storms, since the ozone is byproduct of a lightning. Ozone is the basic gas essential for life on Earth because of its ability to absorb ultraviolet rays (the ozone layer in the stratosphere protects the earth from the effects of harmful UV-C ultraviolet rays projected by the Sun.) Because of the one “more” atom Ozone is a highly reactive species and reacts highly selective on macromolecular components, bacterial cells, fungi, molds and viruses.


The main features of the ozone are:

– It has a strong oxidation power, since it is a very unstable molecule.

– It has the ability to break down complex organic compounds that are not biodegradable.

– Powerful disinfectant for a wide range of applications.

– Used to disinfect water, leaves no smell or taste.

– Unlike other disinfectants (such as chlorine), after use it leaves no taste.

– After 20 minutes, ozone is converted to oxygen and there is no need for ozone depletion treatment.


Food security is essential to catering that applies the basic hygiene rules, better known as H.A.C.C.P. standards. In household kitchens it is equally important to follow the same rules to avoid the risk of microbiological illness. Consumers are very sensitive to the freshness and authenticity of the product when they go to the grocery store, but it is equally important to follow a few simple rules at home while handling and storing food. There are numerous food-borne infections, such as salmonella or litteras, which can be easily developed in our kitchen.

In all these cases, proliferation of microorganisms develops because:

– Raw food comes into contact with the cooked ones, allowing bacteria to penetrate.

– Food is not stored appropriately.

– Poor hygiene when handling food.

– Accessories are not properly disinfected between two meal preparation.

Disinfection of fruits and vegetables generally requires the use of chlorinated agents, which is an additional cost and risk to health. Use of chlorine-containing solutions can cause the loss of vitamins and other essential elements that disappear through the mentioned washing. They destroy the taste of food, and such can also remain traces in food. Furthermore, chlorine is a chemical substance, quite poisonous, so it is necessary to rinse it thoroughly with water after the treatment is over.

GEO3 is used for disinfection of fruits and vegetables by destroying pesticides, fertilizers, destructive bacteria and viruses, without changing flavor and without causing damage to human health: fruits and vegetables treated in this way can be safely consumed even raw. GEO3 has a natural disinfection, sterilization and oxidation action, thus preventing the occurrence of pathogens, not only on food but also on food-processing devices.


On the market of disinfectant for kitchen and equipment there are currently liquid chemicals or sprays that are mainly based on chlorine. The air fresheners on the market cover unpleasant smells with their synthetic fragrances, or chemical products used to disinfect against moths, mites and other insects that, after use, leave the poisonous substance.

In order to get the best results for manual treatment, the chemicals we have on the market:

– They are often not enough

– They have to be applied to the work surface

– Chemical substances always remain (often harmful)

– They do not guarantee complete treatment,

It is necessary to provide maximum hygiene in the premises in the house. In addition to precautionary measures and physical effort, cleaning with standard chemicals is not enough, as there are places where it is difficult or impossible to remove daily impurities, dust and harmful substances: bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, etc  are propagated in such places. This accumulation of microorganisms pollutes the environment, which is a source of unpleasant smells and a mutton, aurora, rhubarb food store.

Chemical agents are not capable of destroying all microorganisms, but OZON IS!

Ozone gas is universally known as a natural guardian for microbiological decontamination of indoor surfaces without leaving any chemical residues because after treatment it spontaneously turns into oxygen. It also attacks the fragrance particles and destroys them, ie does not conceal them, but eliminates them.

GEO3 draws in oxygen (O2) from the air and converts it into ozone (O3) and does not need work force or chemical products for surface disinfection, food treatment, floor cleaning, kitchen and all other home areas.


Today’s consumers are increasingly focusing on the consumption of healthy food, without preservatives and other chemical substances or products that are manufactured in accordance with the principles of environmental safety and sustainability. Environmental cleansing, water and food are essential to ensure that no remains of poison, mycotoxins, mites or dangerous microorganisms for consumers or quality corruption and the lifetime of the food. So, it’s important to know and apply a few simple rules within your four walls to avoid cross-contamination, due to which different types of infections are transmitted through food. The working surface as well as all other kitchen parts are at the very top when it comes to potentially infectious surfaces.

GEO3 is the answer to the needs of consumers in everyday life in your home environment. Ozone helps to clean air, improve the preservation of nutritional products through the control of pathogenic and organic substances; It also oxidizes ethylene which slows down the maturation of fruit (slows down the slurry).

This program, in addition to the benefits of food safety and hygiene, naturally allows for a delay in the ripening of fruits, with positive effects on color, texture and weight loss.


Ozone acts against pathogenic microorganisms, mold and unpleasant smells by oxidation e.i. loss of oxygen atoms and returning to the original condition (oxygen) after about 20 minutes, which means that all treated surfaces can be reused immediately.


Treatment of ozone cleanses the vessels as well as the work surfaces that cause pathogenic agents such as bacteria and molds in a way that breaks down the cell membranes while simultaneously inactivating (destroying) the virus. The disinfection performed by GEO3 avoids the proliferation of bacteria on food and surfaces.


Ozone allows complete deodorization of the environment, entirely removing smells, such as smell of smoke and all other smells in the kitchen (frying, fish, cheese, garlic …). GEO3 does not mask unpleasant smells, but completely removes them through a radical oxidation process at the unstable compounds on which it is based.


Ozone is used to treat drinking water and rinse the food container. Ozone divides organic matter, promotes ejection of heavy metals such as arsenic, eliminates bacteria, fungi and molds. Ozone, moreover, does not change the taste of water and food.


Ozone is used for processing meat and fish by guaranteeing the fight against pathogens, such as E. Coli, Listeria, Salmonella as well as against chemical agents and especially hormones found in meat and fish and which may be present in them. GEO3 makes the meat soft and delicious and also prolongs the shelf life of the food or its storage.


Ozone prolongs the storage time of the food, leaving no toxins and no changing the flavor by eliminating the responsible bacteria and microorganisms responsible for fast food deprivation. GEO3 acts as a disinfectant and sterilizer in a completely natural way.


Ozone can be used as a safe and effective air quality improvement agent, which is essential for disinfecting the environment. The use of ozone guarantees control, if not the complete destruction of most pollutants present in the air (dust, viruses, bacteria, mildew spores) that are often developed in air conditioning and ventilation ducts, and which are easily transmitted to the environment in which we live.

The high ozone oxidation ability allows you to quickly neutralize the most enduring pathogens, and its specialty is that it returns to its initial state of oxygen in a very short time, leaving no toxins and therefore the ozone disinfectant is ideal for most modern sanitation applications.

The GEO3 device performs effective anti-fungal and antibacterial action. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, ozone can easily reach all surfaces, even less accessible, by having a special disinfection mode. In the remediation of ozone, in an exceptionally short time, it eliminates any possibility of infection and allergies, and in addition to destroying mold, bacteria, mites and other harmful substances there is no microbiological burden on health and the environment.


Hygiene of bottles, toys and any other items that can come into contact with children is of utmost importance. Unlike traditional cleaning systems, GEO3 is an innovative solution for reducing the use of chemical products. Ozone is an antibacterial agent that is almost immediately transformed into oxygen and where no rinse is needed and the treated items can be used immediately.


Many small spaces used by people require frequent disinfection of space. Ozone is a powerful tool for disinfection and destruction of bacteria; it’s five times stronger than chlorine, with a percentage of killing and eliminating viruses and bacteria more than 99.98%. By using GEO3 devices in your household, you get quick and complete decontamination of your space.


Moths are fed and propagated in flour, in cereals, dried fruit, and in fodder and spices. But there are also moths that live in furs and woolen articles. Using GEO3 devices in your environment, you will keep away insects, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, apes, spiders, moths.

By treating your ozone environment within 20 minutes, the bacterial charge and the presence of spore and mold decrease.


The ozone-blasted water from GEO3 can be applied to the fur and skin of animals and pets, with the complete disinfection of your little friends. GEO3 is also used for disinfection of objects that are in contact with dogs and cats, as well as surfaces or baskets, and extends the efficiency of traditional cleaning. Cleaning the environment in which animals stay GEO3 also eliminate unpleasant smells.


Different bacteria exhibit variable ozone sensitivity, gram-negative bacteria are less susceptible to the gram-positive ones that produce fungal bacteria that are more resistant to the negatives they form. Compared to other disinfectants, low ozone concentrations with shorter exposure times are sufficient to reduce microbial or microflora colonies.