Pre-Filter Senior Plus

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The Senior Plus is a mechanical filter, more precisely casing that can be used for different purposes, from mechanical pre-filtration to water softener and chemical pre-treatment for laboratory use.

It has a perfect design and is distinguished by the quality of the material and the final processing.

The mechanical water filtration of this type can be used in a number of applications for domestic and commercial water preparation. The Senior Plus is available with 3/4 “and 1” input / output metal thread. Supplied with wall bracket and opening key.

The casing is made of the finest and most modern materials, with a constant focus on innovative processing technology to ensure absolute quality. Certified by the most stringent standards: ACS (France),

ANSI / NSF (USA), GOST (Russia).


    • Max working pressure: 8 bars
    • Minimum working pressure: 1.8 bar
    • Max working temperature: 45 ° C
    • Min working temperature: 4 ° C
    • Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water
    • Head: reinforced polypropylene
    • Holding: PET
    • O-ring: EPDM
    • Spring: stainless steel
    • Valve: reinforced polypropylene
    • IN / OUT connections: brass
Senior Plus – dimension
Model Filter Type Thread\r\n\r\nIN/OUT Thread\r\n\r\nBSP Dimension(mm)
Senior Plus 10” 3/4” brass 315 133 130
Senior Plus 10” 1” brass 321 140 130