Premium eVOLUTION Softener systems with WiFi Control



Advantages of using the eVOLUTION softener:

SAVINGS – eVOLUTION softeners are the most economical devices on the market – they consume on average 75% less consumables than competing softeners,

SAFETY – in the event of a malfunction, the device will send you an SMS or e-mail notification, which can protect you from e.g. floods of the house,

COMFORT – Built-in infrared sensor automatically measures the level of salt in the tank. Your device notifies you in advance by SMS or e-mail of the low salt level in the tank and the need for replenishment. A great relief in replenishing the salt is the built-in lighting in the tank. The hinged brake cover in the Boost and 500 Power models further enhance the comfort of use,

EFFICIENCY – the addition of rinsed quartz gravel increases the efficiency of the device by increasing the surface area of ​​the first water contact with the source, and the use of an innovative control head ensures optimum water pressure,

DURABILITY – Durable high quality materials and patented technologies are hallmarks of the EcoWater brand. In eVOLUTION we have taken care of every detail, e.g. the top cover of the device, most exposed to damage mechanics, is made of ABS used to produce car bumpers.

Benefits of using soft water:

Lower costs and time savings:

up to 20% less energy loss (protect heaters and installations from limescale that limits device productivity),

up to 60% less detergents for washing, storing and cleaning,

less frequent repairs and changes to household appliances (protect limescale heaters),

less impurities and soap deposits,

shiny, thoroughly washed utensils and cutlery without stripes.

Comfort and health protection:

skin protection against irritation,

shiny and soft hair,

preserving the intense colors and softness of the clothes in the wash.

Enjoy soft water throughout the house:

place the softener on the main cold water outlet so that you can access soft water in any room in the house,

intuitive handling and minimal user interference,

remote control from anywhere, also outside the home.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (unit): 114 cm x 35.5 cm x 51 cm

Height to valve inlet / outlet: 97 cm

Valve inlet / outlet distance: 9.5 cm

Height to cover of device: 87 cm

Control panel specifications and features

Valve: 1 ″ SDV

Algorithm: New Formulas 1

Electricity supply: Transformer 240 volts (AC) up to 28 volts, 50 Hz (AC)

PWA system: Attached to the box

Salt Cover: A hinge that slows down closure

Automatic detection of salt levels: ✓

Tank light: ✓

Wi-Fi connectivity: ✓

Adjusting the duration of the backwash and fast rinse: ✓

Adjusting the longest spacing between regenerations in the absence of water intake: ✓

Ability to change time display to 12-hour or 24-hour: ✓

Setting automatic tuning to regeneration if the resin’s ability to exchange ions is consumed at 97%: ✓

A saving mode of regeneration: ✓

Mass washing function in case of increased saturation: ✓

Information on the remaining ion exchange capacity: ✓

Show time until the end of regeneration: ✓

Flowmeter for treated water: ✓

Information on daily water consumption: ✓

Information on average daily water consumption: ✓

Adjusting the quantity unit (liters or gallons): ✓

Additional control panel output: ✓

Salt level indicator: ✓

Low salt alarm: ✓

Setting the menu language: ✓

Adjusting weight units (pounds or kilograms): ✓

Adjusting hardness units (granules or parts per million): ✓

Information on the amount of treated water ready for use: ✓

Inspection reminder: ✓

Backlit Display: ✓