NOBEL DISPENSER CH-100 Water Heating and Cooling Device

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NOBEL DISPENSER CH-100 Silver is device for water heating and cooling, with attractive design, providing two functions:

    • Cold water
    • Hot water

Nobel DISPENSER is not a water filtering device. It is an additional electric device which is combined with water filtering devices such as RO5 BASIS and it is used as a filtered water tank with feature to cool the water down to 5 °C and warm it up to 95 °C. The casing of the device comes in an elegant metallic-silver colour.

We underline that Adepto Company is the general distributor of renewed British-American original NOBEL water filter systems within Nobel Water Systems, as well as the exclusive distributor for Ecowater Systems‘s most famous global manufacturer of water filtration systems. 


For all clients who already have installed device NOBEL BASIS F-300 or MAGMA, DISPENSER CH-100 is ideal supplement with goal to inrease its functions. (cold/warm water) 

By simply pressing the switches on the device, one can choose between cold / warm water.


    • Cold water tank with volume of 3.5 l
    • Permanent maintaining of temperature for cold water (3-5 °C ), adjusted with electronic thermostate
    • Ecologically acceptable – no use of freon


    • Warm water tank is made of stainless steel with volume of 2 litres and warming possibilities up to 90/95 °C
    • Automatic shut-down of warming-up when the tank gets empty.

The installed Nobel filters serve as water purification systems, and NOBEL DISPENSER preserves, heats or cools down the purified water.

    • Tank volume for cleared warm water: 2 l

Power feeding: 220 v, 50 hz

Power: water heating 350 W ± 10%

Power: water cooling 100 W ± 10%

Device weight: 14,5 kg

Device dimensions (mm): 380 x 490 x 320 (width/height/lenght)\