Molecular filtration membrane for RO systems (50 GPD)

Semi-permeable membrane is the most important part of Molecular Filtration System (RO).

The membrane consists of several thin layers, interconnected by a spiral coil (also known as thin film composite membrane or TFC).

The material of the membrane is semipermeable; it is a barrier for: organic and inorganic impurities and dissolved solids in the water, heavy metals and radioactive elements toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Currently this is the best and most efficient method of purifying water. Performance of the membrane can be tailored to individual needs. Our offer includes membrane yields:

• 50 GPD

• 75 GPD

• 100 GPD

Pollution eliminated by Molecular Filtration System with Molecular MEMBRANE:

• Chlorine > 97%

• Radioactive elements > 90%

• Calcium and magnesium (hardness) > 96%

• Liquid fuels > 98%\

• Nitrates and nitrites > 83%

• Aromatic hydrocarbons > 98%

• Heavy metals (eg. lead, mercury, etc.) > 97%

• Bacteria > 99%