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Are You on Diet? These are Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Effective Weight Loss

Drinking plenty of filtered water throughout the day, especially about half an hour before and after meals, will assist with healthy digestion and prevent weight gain.

Any weight loss plan should include exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient liquids to keep the body hydrated and healthy. When a low calorie diet is being followed in order to lose weight, sugary drinks such as sodas and fruit juices, as well as caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee, tea and alcohol, should be avoided. To burn off fat, follow an exercise regime high in aerobic exercises, such as an aerobic gym class, running, swimming or cycling, which will get the heart rate up and burn off fat. To tone muscle, physical exercises with weights targeting certain muscles will get you in shape. Cardiovascular sports that involve some form of resistance, such as swimming and cycling, are a great way to get a full body workout, burning off fat and toning muscle at the same time. It is essential to replace fluids lost in perspiration to prevent dehydration. Dehydration will lead to cramping, which will cut your exercise session short, and will be counter productive to losing weight. Drinking pure water is the healthiest option when exercising, as caffeine-rich beverages such as sodas, can in fact be dehydrating, and do not rehydrate the body effectively.In many cases, weight gain is a result of water retention, and while one may assume that drinking lots of water would result in the body retaining more water, the opposite is in fact true. When your body is deprived of water, it stores water as a natural defense against dehydration. If you supply your body with a regular supply of fresh filtered water, this will cause excess water to be eliminated from the body, flushing out toxins at the same time. Toxins are stored in the liver and fatty tissue, and can only be eliminated from the body if flushed out with plenty of pure water. The liver is responsible for regulating how fat is metabolized in the body, and thus for burning fat. For your liver to fulfill the job of fat metabolism effectively, your liver must be in a healthy condition. By flushing your system with plenty of healthy fresh water, you will aid the elimination of toxins from your liver and fatty tissue – this is essential for a healthy weight loss program to prevent toxins from becoming concentrated in fatty tissue. Water also aids digestion, transport of nutrients throughout the body, and elimination of wastes from the body. Drinking plenty of filtered water throughout the day, especially about half an hour before and after meals, will assist with healthy digestion and prevent weight gain.Drinking plenty of water can suppress the appetite, making it less tempting to snack in-between meals. If you feel hungry between meals, snack on healthy foods with a high water content, such a fresh fruit and vegetables. Another option would be to juice the fruit and veggies for a healthy drink, high in water and nutrients, but low in calories. This will leave you feeling full, while at the same time providing a high nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals, but because it is low in calories, it will not pack on the pounds.

Water is an essential component of any weight loss program. While tap water will suffice, to avoid toxins that may be present in unfiltered tap water, rather try to include copious amounts of pure filtered water as a regular part of your diet.

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