RO Business – F 2002 Freestanding Device: An Ideal Solution For Your Office



Basic principle on which device NOBEL F-2002 BUSINESS is running is based on mechanical filtering processes via reverse osmosis (RO). That’s how we get high-quality water for drinking and food-preparing purposes in accordance with the most demanding specifications. It refrigerates water down to 5°C and warms up to 98°C.Ideal for business environment. Maximum filtering volume amounts about 120 litres in 24 hours.

We underline that Adepto Company is the general distributor of renewed British-American original NOBEL water filter systems within Nobel Water Systems, as well as the exclusive distributor for Ecowater Systems‘s most famous global manufacturer of water filtration systems. 


NOBEL 2002 BUSINESS filtrates water in five stages:

        • First pre-filter sedimentary polypropylen filter (5 microns) removes corrosion,mud,sand and other substances that are soluble in water and bigger than 5 microns.
        • Second pre-filter – high-quality active carbon, pressed in block, removes chlorine and its compaunds, pesticides, herbicides, trihalometanes (carcinogenic supstance) and other organic and inorganic compounds.
        • Third pre-filter – sedimentary polypropylen filter (5 microns) removes residue granules biggeg than 5 microns.
        • Main filter – semipermeable osmotic membranes (0.0001 microns) under the influence of pressure filters the water from compounds of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and other substances bigger than 0.0001 microns.
        • Final filter – post-carbon filter is in charge of final clearing and improving the taste of water.

This device holds three tanks:

        • Huge tank for water with room temperature, tank volume is 8 litres and has indicator for water level
        • Cold water tank with 3 litres volume and refrigerating feature down to 5°C
        • Warm water tank with 2 litres volume made of stainless steel with possibility to warm up to 98°C

Easy-touch switches with option: normal/warm/cold water.