Ecosoft RObust Reverse Osmosis System with Buster Pump


Reverse osmosis process is one of the most advanced water purification technology. Reverse osmosis filtration is performed on semi-permeable membranes having similar structures and properties of living cells. The pores size of RO membranes are of 0.0001 micrometer, which is 200 times less than the size of the virus or 4000 times smaller than the bacterial size, and the filtration takes place at the molecular level. This allows the removal of 95 to 99% of impurities from the water, including viruses, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, poisons, hardness, etc.

ECOSOFT Robust reverse osmosis system produces purified water for laboratories, household, coffee machines, ice makers, laundries, watering, aquariums and etc.

The ECOSOFT Robust system is fully automatic. It is equipped with a buster pump that is switched on via high-pressure switches when the water is required by the consumer and completely disconnected via low pressure if the water supply pressure drops below 0.4 bar, so that no pump failure occurs.

Two pressure gauges on the front panel show pressure in the system, enabling the diagnosis of potential problems.

The ECOSOFT Robust system achieves these parameters if incoming water is good quality, with a chlorine content below 0.5 mg / l. If crude surface or well water is used, detailed analysis and appropriate pre-treatment are recommended.What’s in the package:

1. Metal filter housing with a buster pump, solenoid valve and pressure gauge,

2. Polypropylene sediment filter 5 microns 10 “- removes sediment particles

3. Active charcoal filter for chlorine removal, smell and taste of water, prolongs membrane lifetime.

4. Reverse osmosis membranes of TFC, permeability 0.0001 micron – 3 pieces

5. Carbon block filter for final filtration – removes possible flavors and odors from the container.

6. Fixtures and Assembly Tools – Power Adapter, Drainage Collar, Permeable Faucet, Discharge Valve, Filter Opening and Transparent Wrenches, Flexible Adapter Pipes.

7. Long sleeve bolt, suitable for installation on the sink.

Optional system components:

– Water mineralization filter,

– Ultraviolet water sterilization device

– Pressure tank permeate

– Water conductivity monitor