Dishwasher Filters: Dishwasher/Washing Machine Wash Better with Soft Water

Dishwasher/Washing machine wash much better with soft water. Enjoy reduced detergent consumption as well as high performance of your appliances. A unique household appliance that protects your washing machines from lime and corrosion. This filter reduces the amount of detergent, replacing expensive anti-lime products that need to be added at each wash, and it’s easy to install. Limescale will no longer accumulate on sensitive parts of your washing machine!Our reliable filter:

–  Eliminates mechanical impurities over 15 microns

–  Reduces water hardness

–  Reduces the consumption of washing powder, increasing the effectiveness of the detergent up to 50%!

–  Protects the heater from limescale precipitation

–  Extends lifetime of the device.

This filter should be installed between the water shut-off valve and hose. The recommended period of use is about 12,000 liters or 300 washing.