Softeners Resins

Lanxess Lewatit smole Lewatit MonoPlus S 107 NS
We use ion exchange resins of American company DOWEX and German company LANXESS (LEWATIT mass) for our filter columns (Water Softeners). We can provide you with a suitable ion-exchange resin and if needed our service department can replace it in your filter columns.
The resins are packed in 25 liters packages, but it is possible to buy it a smaller quantity (up to one liter).
Tehnički podaci
    • Type a strongly acidic cation exchange resin 
    • Brand    Lanxess Lewatit smole
    • Capacity eq / L     2.0
    • Water Content    44-50%
    • pH area    0-14
    • Flow Speed m 3 / h    60
    • Flow Speed BV / h    2
    • Regeneration HCl    4-6%
    • Regeneration H2SO4    1,5-3%
    • Regeneration NaCl    8-10%
    • Particle Density g / mL    1.28
    • Temp max ° C    120
    • Stand Depth min. Mm    800
    • Stand Depth min / ft   2.6
    • Mass g / L    840


Lanxess Lewatit Resins Lewatit MonoPlus S 107 NS


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