Filtered Water and Certain Health Conditions

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Our famous artist and singer Dalal Midhat recently launched her own blog where you can find great tips for improving your health. Driven by her own experience and health problems that she successfully controlled since she has completely changed her lifestyle, she has decided to provide to her readers a complete insight through what has she been going on for many years and how she has resolved the problem of insulin resistance. Besides her own story, you can find on the blog tips that can greatly alleviate the difficulties faced by all those who suffer from insulin resistance, as well as the delicious recipes made in her kitchen that will help people who are struggling with this health issue.

One of the subject Dalal devoted special attention to her blog is the filtered water that played a great role on her way to a healthier life.

Since Dalal is our long-term client and has been using only filtered water for years, we convey her opinion from her blog about the benefits of filtered water.“Somehow the issue of water in our town is constantly coming as well as the frequent problems with excessive chlorinated water – so it seemed selfish that I keep the following discovery for myself. Many have heard of water filtration and I can recommend something that I’ve been using it for eight years now. At the beginning I used Brita pitcher but since my kettle broke every once in a while (I changed three pitchers in one year) I realized that Brita is the simplest filter pitcher and that I needed more than this. Reverse osmosis removes lipid, chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, turbidity, bacteria and viruses from water and as a result you have the quality of drinking water that meets all standards. During water reduction, you always have 7 l of filtered water in the tank. After reverse osmosis system I purchased filters for a dishwasher and washing machine as well as shower filter. From then on I have the same kettle and the same appliances with no breaks. Most importantly filtered water is used for drinking, washing up food and cooking. “

You can find out more about insulin resistance on the blog and you can also actively participate by asking questions that will be answered by Dalal who will surely tell you how to deal with the symptoms and consequences that this illness carries.