Apart From Oxygen There is Nothing More Important for Our Body than Pure Water!

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Although most experts agree that it is optimal to intake about 2 liters of liquid daily (without food), this amount increases during the warmer days.

Recent evaluations suggest that women should drink 2.7 liters of water a day, and men even 3.7 liters.

The food you enter into the body covers only one fifth of the daily need for the liquid, the rest is still best to be taken with regular filtered water.

Our body loose fluids during the day by urinating, via stool, sweating and even breathing.

By urinating, an average of 1.5 liters of water is lost, while sweating and breathing spend an extra liter.

If you do not take a minimum of 2 liters of liquids, the body is permanently dehydrated causing exhaustion, which in the long run leads to serious health problems.

Why is healthy, clean water important?

During the sleep, the body loses fluid, so after we wake up we can have a quite stunned and blurred thoughts.

We also drink clean water in order to keep the body shape as when you feel need for food, take first the glass of water. Your need may be satisfied. But if you’re still hungry after the glass of water, then it’s time for a snack or for a healthy meal. Water also accelerates metabolism, experts have found that people who have the habit of drinking a lot of water have got better metabolism than those who drink water rarely, so they spend the calories faster during a day. By water intake you prevent headaches and anxiety and improve your digestion!

If you forget to enter the required amount of water during the day there are apps that you can install on your smartphones which will surely remind you to drink water on regular basis.

If you are an athlete or you’re doing sport recreationally your needs for water increases. Running, various types of aerobics or cycling are very popular these days. In addition to the necessary equipment, a bottle with clean water is also indispensable, preferably a glass bottle or filtered water in a bottle with antibacterial trait. During training, clean water should not be consumed to quickly but gradually in small quantities, while taking small sips. Sudden swallows inject a large amount of air into the stomach, which can create a feeling of unpleasant cramps. Therefore, do not drink any carbonated liquids before, during or after training!

As our body is consisted of a large amount of water, we can conclude that negative emotions and thoughts affect the state of our organism, if we do not drink enough water.

“Water is a driving force in nature.”

Leonardo Da Vinci