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The quality of the water filtration system is of utmost importance when it comes to the final result, which is – pure water. Adepto Company offers water treatment systems as well as spare parts and accessories that are produced exclusively in European Union countries and the USA, according to the highest European and world standards.

The highest quality of our services and products are priority for us!

Drinking water is the most important nutritional substance of exceptional physiological significance, which cannot be replaced with any other substance. Water is by far the richest component of all living organisms and has a fundamental importance in maintaining both structure and function of all tissues and cells as the basic units of living beings.

Water is one of the most aggressive solvents in the world. Known as a “universal solvent” on its way to our taps will dissolve almost anything until it reaches saturation.

The impurities found in water include atmospheric gases, minerals, organic substances and other substances and compounds used when transporting or storing water.

Watercourses become increasingly polluted due to industry, agricultural waste, lead pipes, sodium fluoride, chlorine and other chemical additives added to water.

Only pure water can fully satisfy the needs of our organism.

You can get clean water as follows:

    • from natural water sources;
    • from freshly squeezed juices;
    • from ecologically grown fruit and vegetables;
    • purifying the tap water by using various water filtration systems. You can check our offer and products on the following link.