Smart Air Purifier: Clean and Fresh Air for Health in Your Home

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W spend most of our time indoors. The air in the rooms is often full of dust, pollen, animal hair, odors, harmful gases and various bacteria and viruses. The air purifier cleans the room air with a five-layer filter system and an optional integrated ionizer and UV lamp.


A smart 8 degree air purifier. Purification phases: 1. Primary filter (stops hair and large volume particles) 2. Cold catalyst (catalyzes various chemical compounds in reaction with oxygen – decomposes them to water and CO2) 3. Cellular activated carbon (dust absorption and collection) , 4. Antibacterial filter (5 micron filter with antimicrobial properties – kills bacteria from the air), 5. High efficiency HEPA filter (0.01 micron – stops 99% of particles larger than 0.01 micron, bacteria, viruses, spores, allergens, dust ), 6. Anion release (air ionization – negatively charged oxygen attracts bacteria, viruses, dust and smoke), 7. UV sterilization (245 nm ultraviolet light kills bacteria and viruses and eliminates odor of mold and smoke), 8. Humidifier (optional ), 9. The device has a built-in odor recognition sensor in the air.


Dimensions: L (37cm), W (20,5cm), H (68cm)