ECOMODO: Did You Know that You Can Wash your Laundry Without Detergent in Cold Water?

Fully digitized energy-saving ECOMODO device is used for washing laundry even in cold water, WITHOUT  or with little detergent and fabric softener, thanks to highly sophisticated technology!

ECOMODO transforms cold water into a powerful washing ally by injecting a controlled amount of ozone (O3), nanoparticles of silver and UV rays into water and as such, water enters the washing machine. Ozone is the natural, strongest oxidant and the most effective disinfectant. After oxidation and disinfection, ozone is discharged to oxygen, leaving behind a cleaner and smoother laundry.ECOMODO is extremely effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria (including E. coli and gold staphylococci), fungi, molds, algae and spores without creating harmful by-products!

Ecomodo is a new specialized device that allows you to wash your clothes in a completely natural way. Ecomodo uses advanced technology that combines incoming water with active oxygen and silver nanoparticles that enhance the overall antibacterial and antifungal effect. Such purified water for washing clothes will remoove and break the bacterial load on the clothes without the residue of the remaining detergent on fabrics.


Ecomodo allows you to have clean and completely disinfected clothing. Thanks to the ability of oxidation, active oxygen maintains and helps to preserve naturally white or colored clothing after a long time. The use of Ecomodo devices has the advantage of effectively reducing the use of detergent and chemical agents. In fact, the oxygen content in the molecule can remove stains, disinfect, clean and remove all impurities in natural and cold water without any supplements. Thanks to the ecological work mode, it is possible to have a device that can effectively wash the fabric as well as very delicate underwear at low temperatures. With this technology that represents the real little treasure you can make countless washing, without or with little amount of detergent. In addition, the chemical ingredients contained in the detergent come in contact with our skin, which is quite porous and sensitive, and it is in close contact with chemical additives that can have a very harmful effect on our health. However, thanks to the use of Ecomodao devices, your daily routine becomes a real well-being for your entire family.

Please note that for extremely dirty laundry, with stubborn stains, it is necessary to treat them beforehand, or use some detergent (underwear, laundry with firm stains of blood or fat, dish cloths etc.)


Ecomodo is simply practical. It allows you to wash clothes, whether it is  colored or sensitive laundry, at low temperatures, always with great results and cost savings. Reducing the consumption of hot water for washing results in cost savings with less damage to your fabric. Another advantage of using this device is to reduce the damage to the washing machine: the lower the washing temperature, the damage to the drum, the bearings and the joints is reduced and prolongs lifetime of your washing machine.


Ag +

The power of this noble metal is known for its fight against microbes, fungi and odors. Namely, thanks to the sensor located in the Ecomodo device which releases ions of silver that interacts with the flow of water by producing hydroxyl radicals that further enhance the sterilization effect of silver ions, which effectively remove E. coli (E. coli), gold staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus) and other harmful bacteria. Also, thanks to the strength of sterilization, it prevents the stubborn and unpleasant smell of clothing which is in the laundry basket.


Ultraviolet rays represent one of the best and most effective ways to disinfect water. Thanks to the laws of physics ultraviolet rays have the power to destroy the bacteria, and only act when necessary, without creating harmful by-products. The UV-C beam emitted by special lamps with mercury vapor is deadly for any microorganism (bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, etc.); For this reason, the water that passes through the UV-C sterilizer is microbiologically stable, with no danger associated with over-exposure.


Active Oxygen is a natural molecule that in combination with water forms a strong ecological disinfectant in the liquid state. It leaves no residue or toxins, no odor or taste. It is extremely effective in removing viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and spores.


Ecology and high performance that are contained in a single device for effective washing is incomparable to the washing process obtained through other conventional treatments. The innovation consists in washing with active oxygen, colorless and unstable gas that oxidizes smells and microorganisms such as viruses, molds and bacteria that bind to components for decomposition, with optimal ecological and natural results.

The appliance does not require servicing or maintenance.